School Nurse Resources   Welcome to Sawnee Elementary!  School Nurse Resources


    We want to welcome you as your School Nurse.  Our role is to work with you and your child to ensure a smooth, healthy transition from the home/preschool setting to Sawnee Elementary. We are here to assist in any way that we can as a nurse in the school clinic.


     We have listed some information below that should help answer questions you may have regarding the operations of the clinic at Sawnee Elementary.



    • A Georgia physician’s signature is required on all Medical Care Plans and Administration of Medication forms for prescription medications and medications given for longer than a 2 week period of time on a routine basis.


    • All action plans – food/insect allergies, asthma, diabetes, seizures, etc must be signed by a Georgia physician.


    • Food allergies are not recognized unless we have a food/insect allergy action plan signed by a Georgia physician listing the specific allergen.


    • Epi-pens, Albuterol, Benadryl, Children’s Tylenol, Children’s Motrin or any other medications are not supplied by the school. Medications of any type, even over the counter medications, should never be delivered to school by the child. We ask the parent to please bring medications to the clinic and fill out a medication administration form and/or action plans prior to the nurse administering medication.


    • Food allergies of any kind are not recognized by our cafeteria staff unless we have a Food Allergy Action plan signed by a Georgia Physician listing the specific food allergy. 


    • Please keep our staff and the school nurse informed of any health conditions that could affect your child while at school.


    • If your child was seen in the clinic during their school day, a copy of a Clinic Referral Slip will be sent home providing details of their visit.


    • For younger students --Children do have accidents at school; please be sure to send a change of clothing in their backpack to keep at school. If your child has an accident, they will be provided wipes to help with their own cleanup. Parents will only be called if we do not have any clothing for the child. The clinic runs on donations only and supplies of new underwear are sometimes low or out.


    • To aid in keeping students well we do abide by a sickness policy. Please contact your school nurse for further guidance.


    We promise to give your students the quality care they deserve. We look forward to establishing a relationship with you and your child. We are always available by phone or you may come to see me in the clinic. Please feel free to call us anytime at 770-887-6161. Our fax number is 770-781-2254.

    Clinic Wish list:

      • Ziploc bags – Sandwich and gallon size
      • Tissues
      • Tongue depressors
      • New underwear – boys and girl
      • Bandaids – large and small
      • Elastic waist pants or shorts for girls/boys
      • Disposable plastic Dixie cups Rubbing Alcohol