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  • **All steps must be compelted before the Forsyth County Schools deadline of April 30, 2021**

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    GA Tech


    Information on program here: https://admission.gatech.edu/dualenrollment/distance-math-programs





    Opportunities for high school students for Chinese learning at Kennessaw State University.  

    1. KSU offers one beginning course CHIN1001 at MW 3:30-4:45pm online synchronously for Fall 2021, so interested high school students could take it online. 
    2. High school students who have taken AP Chinese could receive 6 credits at KSU for CHIN 1001-CHIN 1002 with AP score of 3 points and 12 credits for CHIN 1001-CHIN 2002 with AP score of 4-5 points. And they can seamlessly move on to upper-level courses at KSU. 
    3. KSU Chinese program offers all levels of Chinese courses and our Chinese minor and major are in full blossom. Please watch the short program video. https://youtu.be/pRuyeWG8YZE (Thank you for sharing the info with your colleagues.) 

    The Dual Enrollment Program (DEP) at KSU provides an outstanding opportunity for high school students to get a head start on college.  KSU Chinese program has been receiving several high school students every semester through the DE Program.  https://dep.kennesaw.edu/index.php




    Dual Enrollment at UNG


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