• Denmark High School Engineering and Technology Pathway

    The Engineering department introduces students to the foundational skills and concepts necessary in all fields of engineering.  Through hands-on problem-solving activities, students learn to work with various resources, technology, team members, to enhance creativity, application of science and math skills, and become more proficient in systemic troubleshooting.  

    Careers in engineering cover many fields, from aerospace, civil, electrical, mechanical, power and transportation fields. Students gain the skills necessary for advancement into the post-secondary education fields of engineering.  All Engineering students can compete in technology skill events at the region, state, and national levels through the Technology Student Association. 


    Engineering & Technology Teacher


    Wally Moon – Room 1531 – Phone Ext. 511531 – wmoon@forsyth.k12.ga.us 


    • The Engineering & Technology pathway currently has 4 levels of courses, as listed below. However, only 3 courses are required to complete the pathway.  

    Foundations of Engineering & Technology


    The Foundations of Engineering and Technology course prepares students to understand and apply technological concepts and processes that are the cornerstone for the high school technology program. Group and individual activities engage students in creating ideas, developing innovations, and engineering practical solutions. Technology content, resources, and laboratory/classroom activities apply student applications of science, mathematics, and other school subjects in authentic situations.

    Engineering Concepts


    Engineering Concepts is the second course in the engineering pathway. This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of engineering. Students learn about areas of specialization within engineering and engineering design and apply engineering tools and procedures as they complete hands-on instructional activities.

    Engineering Applications


    This is the third course in the engineering pathway. Students have opportunities to apply engineering design as they develop a solution for a technological problem. Students use applications of mathematics and science to predict the success of an engineered solution and complete hands-on activities with tools, materials, and processes as they develop working drawings and prototypes. Students that complete the pathway of courses take the End of Pathway test, a standardized test that demonstrates mastery of the key concepts of engineering.

    Engineering Research & Design


    Engineering Research & Design is the fourth level engineering course at SFHS. This advanced course of study in the engineering field is only available for students who have completed the engineering pathway.  Students conduct research and/or design an engineering project.  Students sharpen their aptitude and expand their interest through engineering experiences.  The course enables them to make an informed career choice through the study, application, and practice of mechanical, electrical, and other engineering systems.  Projects will reinforce the application of communication, mathematics, and science.  CAD program will be used extensively in this course to enable students to visualize, solve and report on complex design problems.


    DHS Engineering Co-Curricular Programs

    2023-2024 Sponsor:

    Wally Moon (wmoon@forsyth.k12.ga.us)


    TSA LogoDenmark High School TSA (Technology Student Association):  Denmark High School is a member chapter of the Georgia Technology Student Association.  Students will have the opportunity to serve as leaders at the local school level and potentially can run for leadership offices at the state level of Georgia TSA. DHS students attend CORE, Tech Day, Fall Leadership Conference, and State Leadership Conference.  Typically, DHS TSA attends the National TSA Conference. If your student would like to be a part of DHS TSA, please have them see Coach Moon in Room 1531, or call DHS at 470-533-2521 ext. 511531 or email Coach Moon at wmoon@forsyth.k12.ga.us



    Denmark High School VEX Robotics:  Denmark High School competes in TSA-sponsored events with Team #1447A and in VEX state-qualifying events as Team #64501D. Currently, the “RobotDanes” are looking to expand by fielding four teams.




    GA Electrathon 

    DHS Electrathon Car Competition – DHS has 1 competitive team for GA Electrathon,  Cars #645 and is building Car #1534. Electrathon competes at TSA Fall Leadership Conference and TSA State Leadership Conference.




    DHS Drone Competition – Denmark students build and compete drones in TSA-sponsored competitions. Last year’s drone team finished 3rd at the Georgia TSA State Leadership Conference and went on to compete at the TSA National Leadership Conference during the summer.