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    Forsyth County Schools

Abigail8.jpg Abbie

"I have gained professional experience in the clinical aspect of the career field I one day want to be a part of. I have also gained so much knowledge about physical and occupational therapy, and how each session in those sub fields work. It was incredible to see how each patient approved in different ways every week, and to be a part of it was speechless."
Alexa1.jpg Alexa

"At my internship, I have studied various aspects of the technical arts. Through my mentor's teachings, I have discovered my passion for filmmaking and have delved into researching and studying cinematography."
Allyson1.jpg Allyson

"Before starting my mentorship, I had no idea how much we as individuals depended on the services that my mentorship offered. Along with the incredible amounts of information that these data centers process, they also provide impeccable job opportunity for anyone with a degree who is open minded and ready to work."
Alyssa4.jpg Alyssa

"This mentorship has helped prepare me for the future because I will have prior knowledge of the medical field going into college. My experience has also taught me which areas I like and which I prefer not to work with. I would encourage the next students that want participate in HMP, to pick somewhere to work that they are interested in. I would also encourage them to be proactive and ask many questions because it would help them get the most out of the program."
Amanda1.jpg Amanda

"Looking back on the last year, I can see how far I have progressed in my career knowledge and preparedness thanks to my mentorship. I was able to provide hands-on experience in a real commercial laboratory with the procedures they carried out on a day-to-day basis. Not only did I learn about the biotech industry and a possible career pursuit in the future."