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May Exams 2023

  • Registration for the May 2023 IB Exams has passed.  IB exams for May of 2023 are scheduled to begin on April 28th, 2023 and end on May 20th, 2023.  

    Students are not allowed to test on an alternate late test date for IB exams.
                                                         For additional information please contact Kevin Denney.



    IB Exam Testing Spring 2023

    HAS ENDED.  Scores will be released by IBO on July 6th this summer at 12pm GMT. 


    In an effort to afford our students the best possible opportunity to be successful on the 2022 IB exams, South Forsyth High school will do the following:

    • IB Exams will be school-based, paper and pencil tests given Thursday, April 28th through Friday, May 20th, 2023. We feel that paper and pencil testing is the best way for our students to utilize the test taking strategies and skills taught in our IB courses/classes. 
    • SFHS will prioritize the health and safety of students and educators during testing.
      • Students will have socially distanced seating per IBO guidelines
      • Wearing masks will be strongly encouraged.
      • Students will be encouraged to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.
      • Testing locations will be cleaned prior to each exam administration.

    Paper and Pencil IB Exam Overview:  All students who initially registered and paid for IB exams will be enrolled in the primary test administration day(s) for April 28th through May 20th

    • Paper and pencil exams are full length per IBO guidelines and test the knowledge and skills taught in the IB courses.
    • Students will answer semi-structured and structured responses in the test booklets or answer booklets and will bubble answers on the multiple choice papers. 
    • Morning exams will begin at 8:00 and afternoon exams will begin at 12:00 noon.
      • Students should arrive at their testing location at least 30 minutes prior to exam start times.
    • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the exam room.
    • All IBO approved accommodations will be provided.


    STUDENTS:  Cell phones and backpacks will not be allowed in the testing rooms - please make arrangements to store personal belongings in your teacher's room during the exam.  You may bring a snack, water, non-mechanical pencils, black or blue pens, and a ruler (if required) into the testing room.  Calculators will be supplied by the school for all exams requiring the use of one.