• eSports


    Head Coach:                                  Assistant Coaches:                                     

    Kevin Sapp                                                      Michelle Norton




    Esports is competition through video games. Its the fastest growing sport in the world and here at Lambert we strive to be the best. Since becoming a GHSA state competition, Lambert has been in every State Championship thus far. We are the only school that can claim this accolade. 


    Fall 2018: League of Legends State Runner-up

    Spring 2019: League of Legends State Champions

    Fall 2019: League of Legends State Runner-up

    Spring 2020: Cancelled due to Covid-19

    Fall 2020: League of Leagends and Rocket League State Champions

    Spring 2021: League of Legends and Rocket League State Champions, Madden State Runner-up


    New games are added every year. Current games include: League of Legends, Rocket League, Madden, Fifa, Spatoon 2, and Super Smash Brothers.


Last Modified on February 7, 2022