• Forsyth County Schools reimburses travelers for reasonable and necessary expenditures incurred in connection with approved travel on its behalf.



    Expense Reporting:

    All employees are required to fill out a travel expense statement once they have completed their travel on school district business.

    Employee Expense Statement 0.67

    Normal reimbursement payments are the 12th and 25th of each month if forms are submitted to Finance at least three business days prior to these dates. Holidays/breaks may impact this schedule.


    Overnight/Out of State Travel:

    Please complete the Overnight/Out of State Travel Request form for all travel overnight or out of state prior to your travel date. You will be notified by email once your request has been approved. Please attach the approval with the travel expense statement.


    Per Diems:

    The current per diem for all cities in Georgia are as follows:

    Eligible Meals

    Per Diem Amount








    For per diem rates outside of Georgia, please contact FCS Travel


    Miscellaneous Forms:

    Travel Instructions

    Hotel-Motel Tax Exempt Form


    Contact: FCS Travel