• Student Advocacy Specialists (SAS) build positive and professionally appropriate relationships with students, educators, and families and guides students to individualized and structured problem solving while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. SAS engage in crisis prevention, which involves a commitment to continuous learning, primary intervention, assessing volatile situations, and anticipating necessary interventions. 

    Who are we and What do we do?

    Staff Information



    • Collaborate with Safety, Student Support Team, Law Enforcement, and other school personnel as necessary to promote student success
    • Coordinate with agencies and private resources specializing in support for at-risk students and families
    • Provide guidance, motivation and advisement to at-risk students
    • Maintain accurate and ongoing data collection and records
    • Provide ongoing support and coaching for family members
    • Threat assessment and crisis intervention plan implementation
    • Knowledge and application of social and emotional learning competencies, learning targets, and the Forsyth County Schools’ Learner Profile
    • Ability to de-escalate students in social-emotional-behavioral crisis
    • Collaborate and coordinate with other SAS
    • Continuous commitment to ongoing training in a wide area of student success strategies

    Contact: Steve Honn