• id badge

    • Please note that staff ID (FCS photo) badges MUST be worn at all times. 
    • Door access is approved by the school principal or department director.
    • Do not leave your ID badge in vehicles overnight or give to students.
    • Your ID badge gets you, plus one guest, into any county athletic or arts event free of charge, outside of playoffs and fundraisers. You must be present/enter with your guest.
    • FoCAL is excluded from staff and one guest at events.


    CURRENT FCS Staff:

    If you misplaced your ID Badge, please contact your department secretary or school badge contact. Once Safety receives the request from the department/school, ID badges are sent via interoffice mail within two business days.


    NEW FCS Staff:

    After you have completed intake, we will send your ID Badge to your department secretary or school badge contact within one business week.