• The Total Wellness Collaborative (TWC) is part of the FCS Strategic Plan to collaborate and engage the community.

    Vision Statement: Mobilizing the community of Forsyth County to support the growth and success of all learners to lead a balanced and successful life.

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Wellness Resources

Breathing Tutorial

What Our Community Is Saying…

  • The Total Wellness Collaborative (TWC) is comprised of community members such as school staff, business owners, mental health professionals, medical professionals, non-profit and governmental agencies, working to bring awareness to current wellness topics and trends in Forsyth County. The TWC also supports families through the challenges in today’s society and brings awareness to ways we can all become more balanced.

    The community leaders, along with parents and guardians, are concerned with unresolved trauma, workload/policies/personnel, self-awareness, social isolation, self-care/boundaries, and families not accessing resources we have in the community for wellness.

    Forsyth County is a great place to live, work, and play! We take pride in the vibrancy, stewardship, and generosity our residents have for the community. Often times it’s easy to stay in our lanes, but it’s the community empowerment that makes change really happen! It shows greater empathy and grows intentionality that helps us live a balanced and successful life.