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    Girls Who Code is an organization that was started to help young women learn and excel in the future of coding. This organization is truly one of a kind and offers many unique opportunities such as scholarships, camps, and even summer programs that take you around the country! Coding is going to be a major aspect of the future and this organization is here solely to enhance and build your skills in computer science. To visit the Girls Who Code website, click here.

    Here at Denmark, our goal is to help girls learn what field in computer science they would like to go to. Along with that, it will help them learn to code in a way that is more interesting than the usual learning method 😁

    Club Info

    We meet 2-3 times a month, however the timings will be sent out on the Group Me. No previous experience is needed, this club is meant to help you learn. There will be challenges administered twice throughout the year for fun and to help the girls apply their skills, and those challenges will include prizes for the winners (and trust me, these are good prizes). And finally if the students are interested and believe they can do it, we will be signing up for outside coding competitions.