• science olympiad


    Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team who competed against forty teams at Chattachoochee High School on Saturday. Twenty-seven of our team members competed in twenty-three separate events and all performed admirably!

    These students took home medals:

    Vedic Patel and Christian Dutton – Circuit Lab 1st Place!

    Vedic Patel and Christian Dutton – Machines 2nd Place!

    Aidan Thomas and Pravallika Nayak – Road Scholar 2nd Place!

    Samanyu Badam and Vedic Patel – Density Lab 3rd Place!

    Aidan Thomas and Rithik Divakhar – Code Busters 3rd Place!

    Santhosh Nalla – Elastic Launch Glider 5th place!

    Pravallika Nayak and Rishika Akkinepally – Mousetrap Vehicle (final placement TBA)



    Congratulations to the SFMS Science Olympiad Team on their 9th place finish at the Dodgen-Walton Invitational Tournament this weekend.  This was tough competition with many top teams from throughout the southeast region.

    Please congratulate the following students on their top 10 finishes…


    Vedic Patel & Christian Dutton Circuit Lab 5th

    Pravallika Nayak & Rishika Akkinepally Crime Busters 5th

    Samanyu Baddam & Vedic PatelDensity Lab 2nd

    Santhosh Nalla Elastic Launched Glider 9th

    Vedic Patel & Christian Dutton Machines 3rd

    Pravallika Nayak & Vishal Ramasubramanian Mousetrap Vehicle 1st

    Pravallika Nayak & Aidan Thomas Road Scholar 3rd

    Urvi Golambade & Sadana Gangaraj Write It Do It 6th

    Avneesh Dhara & Aryan Kumar Elastic Launched Glider 7th

    Harineel Gajelli & Aryan Baddam Food Science 3rd

    Aryan Kumar & Krishnateja Kocherla Machines 9th

    Varsha Manivannan & Sahiti Dasari Write It Do It 2nd