SFHS Game Night
  • Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    5 - 9 PM

    Come play games and have some fun as a family! We will have a variety of forms of entertainment, including board and card games, role-playing game and eSports demos, escape rooms, and more!

    Food and drink will also be available for purchase in the Dining Hall.

    Admission to SFHS Game Night is $5 per person, with a cap of $20 per family. All proceeds from Game Night will go to fund the Media Center and the participating clubs, including Chess Club, Role Playing Games Club, and our eSports league team.

  • You can pay in advance on My Payments Plus, under the category SFHS Media Center. You can purchase individual and family admissions, as well as individual slots for one of the Escape Rooms.

  • Board and Card Games Role Playing Games eSports and Video Games Escape Room Puzzle Hunt Free Play