• attendance policy


    Will be excused for the following reasons:  



    • Personally ill
    • Serious illness or death in the family
    • Medical or dental exams
    • Mandated by a governmental agency
    • Observation of a religious holiday
    • Unsafe weather conditions
    • Visiting a legal guardian who has been called to duty





    Will NOT be excused for the following reasons:  



    • Waking up late/ Broken alarm clock
    • Car problems
    • Missing the bus
    • Finishing homework or project
    • Babysitting
    • Unexplained family emergencies




    Students have up to 5 school-days from the date of absence to bring in absence notes. 


    Notes should include the following information: 

    1. Student's first and last name
    2. Homeroom teacher and grade
    3. Date
    4. Reason for absence
    5. Phone number where you can be reached


    Absence Notes can also be faxed to 770-888-1233 (Attn: Attendance) or email  CES-CummingAttendance@forsythk12org.onmicrosoft.com


  • Georgia law requires schools to notify parents when their children have at least 5 unexcused absences. After 10 total absences, a medical note may be required to excuse any future absences. If your child is very ill and may be out for an extended time, please contact an administrator or counselor so we may work with you to provide academic support. We want your children at school as much as possible so they can learn and grow, but we also want them to be healthy and well!


Last Modified on May 17, 2024