We had 7 teams competing this past week at Alliance Academy. These teams range from first time competitors to seasoned robotics competitors.


    5 of the 7 teams made it to the finals, with 2 left out of these elimination rounds. The 2 that did not make it tried very hard and learned much from this experience. I see great things for them down the road.


    The five teams in the finals did great ending in the top of the teams there and performed great all day.


    One of our teams, Team A lead the tournament all day and accomplished a great feat.


    Please help me congratulate the following engineers as they accomplished scores and ranks that put them top in the nation!


    Sidharth Kaushik

    Aneesh Miryala

    Anshul Naini

    Lucky Sahaj


    These kids are phenomenal, and it is so great to work with such amazing young men.




    Congratulations to the SFMS Robotics Team for taking home another win at Alliance Academy this weekend.

     We had 3 teams in the finals, but only one (Team C) can take home the title of Tournament Champion.

    Also, one of our teams (Team A), scored the highest over all in the Skills Challenge portion.

     Both of these teams will now focus on leadership and coaching other teams to succeed.


    Congratulations to:


    Team C

    Ayush Tailang

    Harith Dhinakaran

    Keonhee Kim

    KrishnaTeja Kocherla

    Vedic Patel


    Team A

    Aneesh Miryala

    Anshul Naini

    Lucky Sahaj

    Sidharth Kaushik