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  • Campus Tour Info

    Visiting colleges you are interested in is the best way to determine if the school is a good fit for you. We have compiled a list of popular schools are students attend and how to sign up for a college visit.


    The University of Georgia - Students and parents have the opportunity to sign up for a guided tour with an added information session. Tours start with a 20-minute information session followed by a 75-minute tour of campus.

    University of North Georgia - Each of the 5 campuses offers a unique campus tour experience. Simply choose your desired campus, and fill out the sign-up form.

    Georgia Gwinnett College - Discover first-hand how GGC makes college all about you! Student ambassadors will share their personal stories as they guide you around campus. They offer daily tours, preview days, and virtual tours.

    Kennesaw State University - Visiting KSU's campus is a great opportunity for students to explore the campus. They are specifically designed for high school students and their families. The tour will highlight university Housing, On-Campus Dining, Academic Programs, and Undergraduate Admissions.

    Georgia College and State University - GCSU offers weekly tours of their beautiful and historic campus in Milledgeville, GA. Sign up for a campus tour on their website. They are student-led and include a beverage in the dining hall. In addition, you can also sign up for a session with an admissions counselor, career advisor, or other academic programs.

    Georgia State University - GSU's Atlanta Campus offers daily tours led by current Georgia State University students. They will highlight the advantages of going to school in downtown Atlanta. You will get a glimpse of some notable campus buildings, including the Student Center, Residential Facilities, the Recreation Center, and the Library.

    Lanier Technical CollegeCollege Tours are available on the Hall County Campus on various days throughout the semester. They do require you to fill out a Tour Request Form on their website. Tours typically last 1.5 hours if you view the entire campus.

    University of West Georgia - To ensure the quality of your tour experience, limited spaces are available for each session. Register early to reserve your preferred tour date and time. 

  • Important Forms

    College Visit Form - 11th and 12th grade students each get 4 excused absences to visit colleges and universities. Fill out this form and turn it into the front office so we can excuse you for the day to find your next step!

    What to Ask on Your Tour - Tour Guides will give you a ton of information on your tour, but you may have some more specific questions. Take a look at this list and decide what is important for you to know as a future student.

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