New Electives for 2019-2020

  • The Forum (Humanities)

Course # 40225y

  • This is an 11th grade discussion course that will cover a variety of philosophical, social, and modern-day topics.

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  • Oral & Written Communication (Speech)

Course # 10785s

  • This course focuses on developing public speaking skills. Students will identify effective methods to arrange ideas and information in written form and then convert the written form into an effective oral delivery.  

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  • World Studies: Holocaust & Genocide Studies

Course # 40705y

  • This class is a comprehensive study of the events leading up to the Holocaust, the Holocaust itself and genocide today.

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  • Turf Management

Course # 700105y

  • This course will introduce students to the maintenance and landscaping of athletic turf and grounds.

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  • Audio Visual & Tech & Film I

Course # 700775y

  • Mythology, Fables & Folklore

Course # 10425s

  • This course will read and analyze Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian, and Native American mythology, as well as study fairy tales and folk tales from around the world.

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  • Athletic Trainer

Course # 60335y

  • Walking Wellness

Course # 60205y