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    Silver City Elementary

    Medications at School 101

    • Prescription and Non-prescription medication must be brought to school by the PARENT/GUARDIAN. Students are not allowed to bring medication to school or on the bus.


    • The clinic does not stock medication. All medication must be provided by the parent/guardian. Students are not allowed to have medication in their possession while at school. Some exceptions based on student needs.


    • Required forms for medication administration at school:
    1. Request for Administration of Medication form must be signed by the parent and physician. Over the counter medication requires only the parent signature.
    2. Health Condition Care Plan must be filled out and signed by the physician.


    • Medications must be brought to school in the original container.

    *Medications in an unmarked container or Ziploc bag will not be accepted.


    • All prescription medications must have the following on the pharmacy label:
    1. Child’s Name
    2. Name of medication
    3. Time medication is to be given
    4. Name of prescribing physician


    • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the school nurse of any changes in their child’s medical treatment plan. Please be aware that the current treatment plan will continue unless communicated otherwise.
Last Modified on March 7, 2019