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    Rising 9th Grader Central Film Academy Virtual Parent Night

    11/4/2021 - 6:30-7:30

    Microsoft Teams Link

    Or Call in 

    Phone Conference ID: 148 499 627#

    We plan to discuss:

    • Class Schedule and 4-year Course Outlook. 
    • Student testimonials and productions 
    • Application requirements, acceptances, and timelines.
    • Out of districting
    • Q&A

    All students and parents interested in CFA are invited to attend.



    The Central Film Academy combines a rigorous learning environment framed within producing highly skilled students ready for the film industry or film studies. Our Unique learning community develops a student’s potential and ensures students are well equipped to meet the challenges of post-secondary education and film careers in the fastest growing industry in the state of Georgia. Graduates of CFA will be competitive applicants for both film industry work force and post-secondary educational institutions.  

    The Central Film Academy Mission:

    • To provide a course pathway that will prepare students as top tier candidates for employment in the film industry, and university studies.
    • Cultivate highly trained professionals for the film industry, all within the framework of developing a competitive portfolio of work.
    • Produce skilled and capable leaders, artisans, and technicians, who are creative, motivated, and prepared for the rigors of filmmaking.


    Dan Grass - CFA Coordinator - dgrass@forsyth.k12.ga.us