• Four Areas of Success (as outlined by Forsyth County Schools)

    Forsyth County Schools Partners in Education

    Examples of Partnership Activities

    1) Improve Academic Performance:

    • Create a program to strengthen writing skills
    • Sponsor incentive program to improve literacy
    • Develop an attendance program to reduce absenteeism
    • Provide resources to assist instruction

    2) Provide for Educator Support and Morale:

    • Conduct professional development training
    • Coordinate staff recognition programs
    • Sponsor summer internships for staff
    • Offer company tours and facilities use

    3) Enrich the Life Experience of Students:

    • Mentor a student or students
    • Serve as guest speaker to share your area of expertise
    • Conduct a good citizen workshop for student or sponsor a service activity
    • Sponsor a school activity

    4) Grow Opportunities – Work Based Learning:

    • Participate in Career Day
    • Host a Youth Apprenticeship student for on-the-job training
    • Offer internships or job shadowing