• STEM Season of Competition (SOC)

    In Georgia, STEM education is defined as an integrated curriculum (as opposed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics taught in isolation) that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory project/problem-based learning, and student-centered development of ideas and solutions. As outlined by the Georgia Department of Education’s High School STEM Certification Rubric, all STEM students are required to annually participate in STEM competition.


     The guidelines below should serve to simplify what all STEM students are required to complete in addition to the academic requirement and in order to continue in the STEM program.

    All requirements to remain in STEM are evaluated at the midpoint and end of every year. At this point a panel will determine the appropriate disciplinary steps after which the student and parent will be informed at the earliest convenience.
    According to  the state guidelines, students must be involved annually in ongoing and sustained preparation leading up to their participation in competitions or STEM exhibits.
    • All STEM students are required to participate in either the Technology Student Association (TSA) or the Health Occupation Student Association (HOSA) organization as their professional CTAE organization.
      • Students are required to be members of either TSA (see Mrs. John) or HOSA (see Mr. Schuyler). 
      • Although some students may choose to participate in both organizations, their participation will be tracked through their career tech pathway. Some students may choose TSA or HOSA as their competition each year, or they may choose to compete in a different STEM co-curricular; however, they are still expected to participate in their professional organization.
    • Students are expected to participate in a “Season of Competition” (SOC).
      • Since preparation/competition seasons vary by each club, the SOC will be specified by each club advisor. Please see attached SOC guidelines for the most common STEM related activities.
    • Students participating in extracurricular activities (e.g. band, drama, and sports) should talk with a STEM teacher/advisor early, in order to plan how they can best fulfill the STEM competition requirement, in addition to their continued participation in extracurricular activities.
      • Students should have a plan of competition before the end of October. Allowances will not be made in the spring, for students who have not fulfilled their SOC.
    • Events on the day of the competition do not constitute fulfillment of the competition requirement on their own. State guidelines clearly specify that students are involved in consistent, ongoing involvement and preparation for STEM events/ exhibits.
    • It should be noted that engineering students may compete in biotech competitions and biotech students may compete in engineering competitions based on their interest. Please make sure to coordinate with the TSA or HOSA coordinator.
    • Fulfillments need to be completed by the end of April. Students may compete after April, if they have been prepping for the competition throughout the year/season; making sure their active participation is well documented by either TSA or HOSA sponsors.
    • If a specific STEM competition is not listed on the website, students can bring it to STEM team by end of October for consideration for the next school year. After October, the competition opportunity will only be considered for the following school year.
  • All STEM students are required to compete in a Season of Competition (SOC). This SOC can be completed within their CTSO Organizations (TSA/HOSA) or students can join and compete in any other STEM approved club. 

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