• Humanities Institute

    The Humanities Institute

    The Humanities Institute will seek to dissolve the walls that currently exist among the various disciplines, and help students to see how that interconnectivity provides the foundation for profound thought. This curriculum will foster authentic learning experiences in which students engage with lessons as opposed to merely discussing them. Through cultural trips and service endeavors, The Humanities Institute will strive to develop the whole student.      

    The Humanities Institute Mission:

    • The humanities school offers a rigorous course track that cultivates students with a strong sense of global awareness who are empathetic and intelligent citizens of the world.


    Some classes that The Humanities Institute student will take:

    • Introduction to Humanities (9 Honors Literature and AP Human Geography)
    • Advanced Humanities: Global Perspectives (10 Honors Literature and AP World History)
    • Advanced Humanities: American Perspectives (AP Language and Composition and AP U.S. History)
    • Advanced Humanities: Independent Studies (AP Literature and AP Government)
    • AP Seminar
    • AP Research
    • AP Environmental
    • AP Art History
    • AP Psychology
    • Journalism/ Speech
    • History and Film/ Current Issues


    The Humanities Institute Student can expect to engage in the following activities:

    • AP We Service
    • Trips to the CNN Center/ Civil Rights Museum
    • Trips to Emory Library and Carlos Museum
    • Trips to Washington D.C.
    • Community outreach initiatives
    • Writing for Forsyth County News


    Interested in applying?

    Complete one of the following applications:

    Rising 9th Graders  

    Rising 10th Graders


     Application deadline: 4/12


    Have questions?


    Antonia Alberga-Parisi: aalberga-parisi@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    Anne-Rose Loureiro Hester: aloureirohester@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    Jonathan Henderson:  jhenderson@forsyth.k12.ga.us