The Georgia Regional Academic Bowl State Academic Bowl Championship is a grade 9-12 competition among qualifying teams from several regions focused on the areas of math, science, social studies, language arts, fine arts, and potpourri. Qualifying regional events take place between September and January. These qualifying events are organized by the regions. Qualifying teams for registration are the top four ranked varsity and junior varsity teams according to the regional qualifying events. A school can only be represented by a maximum of one varsity and one junior varsity team. Additional spots may be open to be filled by teams ranked outside of the top four. In order to participate in the tournament, teams/the region coordinator must register and pay the registration fee by the deadline of three weeks prior to the GRAB State Championship.


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    Georgia Regional Academic Bowl Junior Varsity

    1st Place at 2020 State Chamipsionship 

    2020 JV Winners  

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