• Parking Rules and Regulations


    By submitting an application for a parking spot, students agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations posted below.


  • SFHS parking tags MUST be placed on the rearview mirror and visible for administration.  All old parking decals MUST be removed.  Students may NOT give, sell, or transfer their parking space to another student.  If this is done, parking privileges will be immediately revoked.  Mr. Morlanne and the West Hall office handles all parking assignments and transfers.

    Students cannot park in faculty-designated areas during school hours.  Students parking improperly, in the faculty parking lot, in the bus lane, in visitor designated spaces, in restricted or reserved zones, or in non-registered vehicles can be booted, fined, have their parking permit revoked, and have their vehicle towed at the students’ expense without prior notification.

    Students MUST notify Mr. Morlanne’s office to drive a vehicle to school other than the vehicle that has been registered.

    Horn blowing, tire squealing, fast starts, loud mufflers, and excessive noise are not allowed in the parking lot at any time before and after school hours.

    Students MUST obey the 10 mph speed limit at all times on school property.  Pedestrians and school buses always have the right-of-way.

    There is to be no loitering in the parking lot.  Students must leave their vehicle and the parking lot immediately upon arriving at school and then enter the school building.  Students may not re-enter the parking lot during the day without written permission from an administrator or a checkout pass from the attendance office.  Vehicles may not be used as a locker.

    Illegal substances such as alcohol, tobacco products, lighters, matches, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, gang symbols/literature may not be in any vehicle on school property.  This includes glove compartments, consoles, trunks and all other areas of the vehicle.  The school administration has the right to search all areas of your vehicle when on school property.

    Cutting across parking spaces or driving the wrong way in the lanes is not permissible when entering or exiting the parking lot.  All driving must be in the driving lanes between spaces.  Students are not allowed to back in or pull through a space.

    All students that park on the South Forsyth High School campus are required to have liability and personal injury insurance on the registered vehicle throughout the entire school year.  In cases of accidents occurring on campus, it is up to the individuals involved to settle damages.  The school is not responsible for any damages, loss, or theft to any vehicle or its contents while on campus.

    Students should take the necessary precautions to prevent loss to their vehicle and its contents by keeping the vehicle locked at all times, not giving the keys to anyone else, not leaving valuable items inside the vehicle while on campus, and obeying all the above regulations.  South Forsyth High School will not be held responsible for damage to automobiles.

    Students understand that turning in a parking application does not guarantee them a spot.  Parking is lottery-based and each senior that submits an application has an equal chance at receiving a space. SFHS Administration does not prioritize students participating in Internships, WBL, IE2, dual enrollment/MOWR, sports programs, clubs or other morning/ afternoon school activities.

    Disciplinary action for violations of any school rules may result in suspension or loss of parking privileges.

    • 1st offense for Skipping will result in 1 week suspension of parking.
    • 2nd offense parking pass is suspended for 2 weeks.
    • Disciplinary action involving OSS for more than 10 days is automatic revocation of parking pass.

    No refund of parking fee will be given to students who lose their parking privileges for disciplinary reasons.