• LHS Summer School Options
    High School Summer School Math Academy
    Program Leader: Andra Cruse/Jimmy Pagel
    Location: Forsyth Central High School
    Date: Monday through Thursday, June 3-27
    Registration Deadline: May 31st
    2019 Summer School Math Academy
    GSE Algebra I, GSE Geometry, GSE Algebra II and Pre-calculus will be offered for recovery credit ONLY. The program will run Monday through Thursday, June 3-27, 2019 from 8:00 am–12:30 pm. Any EOC associated with these courses will be administered June 18-20 at the summer school location.
    Please note: If a student earns credit for any of the courses listed above thru Summer Math Academy, their passing grade WILL NOT REPLACE the previous failing grade.

    Information sheet and application can be found by clicking here.


    Title IV High School Summer Program

    Program Leader: Aubrey Moree

    Location: Each of the Base High Schools

    Date: June 3 – June 20 Monday – Thursday (8:00 am to 1:00 pm)

    Registration Deadline: May 31st

    The Title IV High School Summer Program is designed to allow 9th and 10th-grade students the opportunity to earn credit for previously failed English Language Arts (9th & 10th Grade Lit/Comp) and Science (Biology, Physical Science, Earth Systems and Environmental Science) courses. This intense three-week program will use Apex Learning as the platform. Any EOC associated with these courses will be administered June 18-20 at the student’s base school.

    Please note: If a student earns credit for any of the courses listed above thru Title IV High School Summer Program, their passing grade WILL NOT REPLACE the previous failing grade.

    Title IV Permission Form



    Forsyth Virtual School

    Program Leader: Drew Hayes

    Location: Forsyth Virtual Academy

    Forsyth Virtual Academy Dates: June 3, 2019 – July 19, 2019

    Registration Deadline: June 1st

    Forsyth Virtual Academy will offer students the option to earn credit for High School Personal Fitness, Health, Spanish 3, and US Government. Rising high school and high school students can sign up through ClassLink – Forsyth Virtual Academy Summer School under the Academies of Creative Education. The cost for Personal Fitness, Health, and US Government is $240 per course plus PayPal fees ($247.50) and Spanish 3 $480 plus PayPal fees ($495).

    All questions and concerns should be forwarded to dhayes@forsyth.k12.ga.us.

    Click here to be directed to detailed registration instructions


    Click here for the Forsyth Virtual Academy Website  



    Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) 

    Program Leader: Jason Naile
    Georgia Virtual School (GaVS) will be holding classes this summer. This summer school program is for initial and recovery credit for most core classes in the areas of English, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Foreign Languages. Some electives are offered as well. Any EOC testing needs from GAVS courses will be given in July 2019 at the students’ base high school. See http://www.gavirtualschool.org/CourseInfo/Summer2019Courses.aspx for a complete list of course offerings.
    High School Course Tuition is $250 for half Carnegie unit and $500 for full Carnegie unit. Middle school courses are $250 per course. All summer middle school courses offered by GAVS are considered remedial.
    Summer 2019 Important Dates
    April 15: Registration open for all students
    May 1: Student Orientation Opens
    May 30: Last day to apply for 6-week session
    May 31: Last day to pay for 6-week session
    June 3: 6-week session begins
    June 6: Last day to apply for 5-week session
    June 7: Last day to pay for 5-week session
    June 10: 5-week session begins
    July 4: Independence Day Holiday
    July 8-11: Final Exams
    July 9-11: EOC Testing
    GAVS July 10: Last Day to withdraw from summer
    GAVS July 12: Summer Semester Ends
    July 9-11: EOC Testing GAVS July 18: Final Grades Released.
    Students should contact their school counselor or GAVS facilitator to enroll. Courses are not taught by Forsyth County Schools educators; however, each student will have an FCS facilitator available during the summer session. All facilitators have been secured for summer 2019.
    All questions and concerns about GaVS courses should be directed to Jason Naile at jnaile@forsyth.k12.ga.us or 770-887-2461 x 203362. 
    Mountain Education Charter High School (MECHS) 
    Site Administrators: Kim Barnes and Gary Morris, Forsyth site (North, Lambert, and South students)
    Site Administrators: Patti Mullinax and Frank Gordy, Hill Center site (West and Forsyth Central students)
    Regional Director: Steve Bartlett
    Forsyth Site:                                                                  Hill Center Site:
    1130 Dahlonega Highway                                              136 Almon C. Hill Center Drive 
    Cumming, GA 30040                                                     Cumming, GA 30040
    Phone: 678-965-4971                                                     Phone: 678-965-4971
    Fax: 678-965-5022                                                         Fax: 678-965-4972
    Monday-Thursday: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm                          Monday-Thursday: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Mountain Education Charter High School (MECHS) is a collaborative effort of Bartow, Dawson, Elbert, Fannin, Forsyth, Gilmer, Hall, Lumpkin, Murray, Pickens, Rabun, Towns, Union, and White County School Systems. The MECHS collaborative organization also operates sites in Habersham and Stephens Counties. MECHS is an academic, self-paced, individualized, evening high school that serves students who are seeking a non-traditional school environment and who desire a Georgia high school diploma.
    MECHS also serves students who need to make up missed/previously failed course credit from their regular high school, enabling them to stay on the academic track and graduate with their peers. MECHS is a year-round high school that offers all Georgia required curriculum courses as well as a variety of vocational courses and state-mandated testing. Students should check with their school counselors for more information. Tuition for summer recovery classes is $150 per course.
    **Counselor Approval Form must be signed and returned to the Counseling Office prior to taking any course for credit to be accepted. Please see your student's counselor to obtain this form.
    **It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the credits from any of these schools are NCAA accredited if they are planning to participate in sports during college.


    Summer 2019 EOC Testing Opportunities

    Forsyth County will offer two summer EOC testing windows. Students will test at their home schools.

    Window # 1 June 17-20

     Who Tests?

    Students involved in Title IV Summer School, Math Academy and APEX Extension

    Students who want to take advantage of the Test-Out opportunity

    Must see guidance counselor before the end of the school year


    Testing Schedule

    June 17: ELA 1

    June 18: ELA sections 2&3/Math

    June 19: Science/Math/Social Studies

    June 20: Makeups



    Window # 2 July 9-11

    Who Tests?

    Students taking summer Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) EOC courses

    The school will have a list of these students

    Make-ups from the Spring Main administration (students who did not test during the main window)

    Must contact your school test coordinator before the end of the school year

    Retest opportunity for students who scored below a 70 on an EOC taken in Spring Main administration.

    Must contact your school test coordinator before the end of the school year


    Testing Schedule

    July 9: ELA section 1/Math

    July 10: ELA section 2&3/Science/Social Studies

    July 11: Makeups

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