• Parris Island Trip 2019

    June 4th to 7th

    4 June Arrive at the ROTC gym at 6:30 AM in camis

    Any cadets that have medicine or any form of medication should bring it with them.  Master Guns will hold on to it for the trip.

    Estimated time for arrival back at NFHS is 6:30 PM on Friday 7th


    Parris Island 2019 Gear List

    Uniform Items

    (1) Pair of utility boots               -PROVIDED

    (1) Camouflage utility belt          -PROVIDED

    (1) Khaki web belt                     -PROVIDED

    (2) Pair of green PT shorts          -PROVIDED

    (2) Sets of camouflage utilities    -PROVIDED

    (3) Pair of boot socks                  -PROVIDED

    (4) Green t-shirt                          -PROVIDED


    Service Gear Item

    (1) Cartridge belt w/harness      -PROVIDED

    (1) Canteen cover                    -PROVIDED

    (1) Canteen                              -PROVIDED

    (1) Sea bag                              -PROVIDED

    (1) Padlock


    Civilian Clothing Items

    (1) Pair of khaki shorts/belt

    (1) Green North Forsyth JROTC t-shirt       -(Purchase from an instructor for $10)

    (1) Pair of running shoes

    (3) Pair of PT socks


    Misc Items

    Personal hygiene (deodorant/toothbrush/toothpaste/bodywash/lotion/etc.).. SHOWER SHOES

    Males: shaving cream/razor/aftershave

    Females: hair styling gel/pins/sock bun


    Cash (about $20 dollars for food)

    Extra water bottle                                  -(if needed)

    Extra cash for purchasing items at PX      -(if needed)

    Medications                                           -(if needed)

    Eyeglasses                                            -(if needed)


Last Modified on May 20, 2019