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    The mission of the Coal Mountain Elementary Counseling Program is to support all students through a comprehensive and developmental approach which addresses academic, career, and personal/social skills necessary to achieve quality learning and lifelong success.  This developmental approach is directed by the Forsyth County Schools and the Georgia Department of Education.  The counselor’s role is to work collaboratively with all school personnel and the Coal Mountain community to foster personal responsibility in students to attain the skills set forth in the FCS Learner Profile.
      If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the counselors:
     Dr. Deana Brown (debrown@forsyth.k12.ga.us) works with Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.  Jan Davis (jfdavis@forsyth.k12.ga.us) works with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. 
    We are both here to help with whatever you might need!
    What is an elementary school counselor?

    *A certified, specially trained professional educator

    *A special friend when a child needs someone to listen

    *A caring person who provides help and guidance to teachers, parents, students, and administrators

    *Someone who counsels with students both individually and in groups

    What does an elementary school counselor do?

    *Conducts a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate guidance and counseling program

    *Conducts staff development for faculty

    *Utilizes referral services and community resources

    *Conducts parent and teacher conferences

    *Provides guidance lessons to each class, works with identified groups of children with specific needs, and provides individual counseling to students struggling with academic difficulty

    *Provides individual counseling to

      • help students develop effective communication skills

      • help students develop positive interpersonal relationship skills

      • help students set positive goals, exercise responsibility and improve academic success

      • help provide support during a crisis

    A child may see the counselor for:

    *Review and discussion of academic needs

    *Any problems that they may have that are impacting academic performance

    *Divorce or changing family issues

    *A loss of a family member or close friend

    *Decision-making and problem-solving skills

    *Improvement and aid in the development of positive self-esteem

    *Family concerns or fears


    Image result for school counseling images