• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Forsyth Virtual Academy (FVA)?

    FVA is a Forsyth County Schools program designed to provide students with an opportunity to engage in a virtual learning environment that does not require the physical presence in a traditional school setting.

    What commitment is required for students to participate in FVA full time?

    FVA asks families to commit to a semester (18 weeks)  at a time.   If students choose to return to the base school after this time, we will happily assist with the transition.


    What does instruction in your courses 'look like'?

    Students will use itslearning to access their courses on a daily basis, in conjunction with Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and other educational technology programs.


    The curriculum for FVA has been designed to be *asynchronous and flexible in nature, while providing the structural organization of a traditional classroom. In our virtual format, time and location constraints are lifted for students, while coursework deadlines are clearly communicated and must be upheld for students to achieve maximum academic success. As long as students are completing assignments by the defined due date in their courses, their work can be completed any time, from anywhere!

    *asynchronous- Course format that does NOT require students to access meetings, lessons, course content, etc. at a defined time. 


    In addition, our courses are designed to be interactive using the latest educational technology resources to promote engagement and a positive learning environment.


    Among traditional digital assessments (quizzes, etc.) classes will be conducted by utilizing virtual teaching best practices including pre-recorded lessons and videos, interactive tech tools, class discussions, projects, creation based learning opportunites and other tools to promote student engagement. While classes will seldom be led in 'live' sessions, any live sessions that are conducted will be recorded and posted for later view. 


    Teachers will be actively connecting with their classes utilizing announcements, pre determined office hours, direct messaging via itslearning messenger, and providing helpful feedback on assignments submitted. 


    This video will give you a great idea of what courses look like as well!




    Does FVA offer advanced courses for Middle School Students?

    Yes, FVA offers advanced and accelerated (where applicable) courses for students who are recommended and/or qualify for those courses.


    Can my student take AP courses via FVA?

    Absolutely!  FVA offers an array of AP courses (see link to course list below) that are designed and led by some of Forsyth County's finest AP teachers.   With regard to GPA and credits, FVA's AP courses are treated exactly as they would if the student were to take in in a traditional format.


    Will my student be able to participate in athletics and activities if he/she is enrolled at FVA?

    Yes, because FVA is a supplemental program for students, even though a student may be enrolled as a full-time virtual student, he/she still has full access to their base school facilities, activities and extracurriculars.  *To participate, students must meet all requirements set for by each respective program.


    What is considered a student's "base" school?

    If a student is enrolled full time at FVA, the middle or high school that he/she was originally assigned to by FCSS, will be considered his/her "base" school.  


    Can my student participate on a part-time basis?

    Yes! The majority of our student body utilizes the FVA program on a part-time basis, where students elect to take FVA courses in conjunction with their traditional courses at their respective base school. However, this option is limited to the base school's ability to accommodate, and course availability.

    *High School Students:  Students cannot elect to take courses that exceed their typical 'full time' schedule.  For example, if a student is taking a full schedule of 7 classes at their base school, FVA cannot provide an 8th course, or anything thereafter

    *Middle School Students:  Due to the nature of the middle school "rotating schedule", families must be in direct communication with counselors and admin at the base schools to help determine potential logistical limitations.




    Does FVA provide technology for students?

    No, we expect our students to have their own devices and reliable internet access to complete their coursework.  If there is an issue with gaining access to either of these necessities, please contact the FVA Administration for assistance.


    Home Schooling

    Is Forsyth Virtual the same as home schooling?
    Students enrolled in Forsyth Virtual do their learning at home, but they enrolled and are considered to be active students of Forsyth County School System. The curriculum used is approved by the school district and State of Georgia for earning middle and high school credits that can lead to a high school diploma.

    What kind of diploma will my child receive after completing Forsyth Virtual?
    Students who complete all the requirements for graduation will receive a high school diploma from the Forsyth County school that they are districted to.

    Special Needs

    My child has an IEP and has been enrolled in Special Education. Does Forsyth Virtual Academy (FVA) enroll students with special needs?
    Yes, as a public school, FVA accepts students with disabilities. The main issue to be considered is whether or not the independent nature of online instruction will be the best fit for a student. This decision should be made as an IEP Team to ensure that all necessary supports are in place for promoting academic success for students.

    Online Learning Environment

    How do I get help from teachers if I am having difficulty with my course(s)?
    Teachers will provide feedback on any assignments or projects that are submitted.  Students are expected to communicate to their teachers via itslearning messenger to ensure a safe, efficient communication medium. 

    How is attendance and progress monitored?
    Student attendance and progress is measured by student access to his/her courses and timely assignment completion.

    Do I have to be at home all the time my child is doing schoolwork?
    That is not required; however, it is important for children to know that parents are interested in their school work. It is unrealistic for most school-aged students to handle the total responsibility of an online learning environment without any parental intervention. FVA does not require students to do all of their coursework during traditional school hours, so it may be beneficial for some families to schedule some of their "school time" during hours that parents are home for additional support.  For assistance with supporting a virtual student, please review our Forsyth Virtual's Guide to Virtual Learning!

    What kinds of safeguards are in place to keep my child safe while working on the internet?
    The main content of all of the FVA courses is available directly through FCS' secure, online student classroom area. In some cases, links provided by teachers direct students to other websites so students can take advantage of the wealth of educational information available online. Beyond that, we do encourage parental supervision and setting guidelines for internet use that match your family values, as this will go a long way in protecting your children from unwanted information/ threats on the internet. In addition, students attending FVA must comply with the Responsible Use Policy for Students.

    Is High Speed Internet Access necessary to participate in Forsyth Virtual?
    Yes, high speed internet access is required for students to be able to access and complete their coursework.  If your student does not have reliable access to the internet from home, please contact FVA administration for potential options.

    Are there requirements for a student computer?
    Having access to a reliable device is absolutely necessary for students to be successful in the online environment.  Although tablets and phones can be used to access most online content, it is highly reccomended that students have access to a computer (Chromebook, PC, Mac) to ensure full access to all assignments posted by instructors.  If your student does not have access to a reliable device, please contact FVA administration for potential options. 

    Student Life

    What tools are available for students to communicate with each other?
    FCS features a secure, online student classroom area within our learning management system, itslearning, with opportunities for students to participate in discussion boards with other Forsyth Virtual students. Topics of discussion may include music, books, movies, politics, sports, etc. These discussion boards are monitored by FVA staff and provide a great way for students to talk about their talents and interests while actively incorporating them into their learning. 

    Parent Tools

    As a parent, how can I check on my son/daughter's progress in Forsyth Virtual?
    Parents will have the same access to Parent Portal to view student grades, assessments, and schedule as they would in a traditional setting.  In addition, parents may oberserve student engagement and progress via itslearning's analytics for student participation.