• Wellness Wednesdays

    The West Community Schools is happy to announce our support of student wellness through our monthly Family Nights.  Schools within the West Community have heard the voices of our students and parents and recognize the need for family downtime within the school year.  On designated Wednesdays once a month, the West Community Schools will have a homework / study free evening to allow students and parents to spend quality time together.  This may involve board games, reading together, playing outside, etc.  We look forward to seeing your posts of how your family spends this time using the hashtag “#WestCommunityFamilyNight.”  Our first Family Night will be August 21, 2019. In addition, our students and staff will be following an activity schedule on these dates. 

    August 21

    September 18

    October 23

    November 13

    December 11

    January 22

    February 19

    March 18

    April 22

    May 13