AP Exam registration and ordering
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    Denmark High School

    Advanced Placement Program

    Exam Registration & Ordering FAQ Sheet


    ***Students take AP exams in May to earn college credit for AP classes. Exams are not required, but they are the only way a student can earn college credit for an AP course.


    How do I register for AP exams? 

    For Face-to-Face DHS AP Courses

    • All students must register for AP exams online. Siblings must register separately. Each student needs their own individual registration.
    • The AP Exam registration is a two step- two website- process this year. 
    • Students should have already enrolled their AP course on the College Board (CB) website, using a join code provided by the teacher. If a student needs a join code, please reach out to the AP teacher. Students MUST keep up with their CB account login information. We do not have access to it and students will need it to access scores later.
    • The College Board does not collect exam payments; it only collects the exam order information from students. Therefore, students will also need to login to or create their Total Registration (TR) account to make payment.
      • This is the same account students use to register for the PSAT. If they already have a TR account, they should look for the “Have you previously registered? Login here.” link that is found under the boxes to create a new account.
      • If a student does not have a TR account, they should create one.
      • TR website for Denmark students: https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/111000 
      • For step by step instructions on how to complete AP exam registration on the Total Registration website click here.

    For GAVS or Forsyth Virtual Academy AP Courses

    After reading through the process outlined above follow these steps:

    • You will register for CB resources with a join code for your FVA or GAVS teacher and select “no” for your intent to take the exam.
    • You will register to pay for the AP exam through the DHS Total Registration website.
    • You will receive an additional join code from DHS. This join code allows you to register for an “Exam Only” section in My AP platform, where you will select “yes” if you wish to take the exam.


    I am planning on taking a spring semester GAVS AP Course and exam in May. When do I register?

    • You will have a short spring semester window, starting in January, to register for spring GAVS AP Course exams.
    • You will register for CB resources with a join code from your GAVS teacher and select “no” for your intent to take the exam.
    • You will register to pay for the AP exam through our DHS Total Registration website.
    • You will need to request an additional “Exam Only” join code from your AP Coordinator. This join code will link your exam order to DHS. 


    When does registration and ordering begin and end? 

    • AP Exam registration and ordering is currently underway.
    • For courses that begin in August, exam registration and ordering will end on October 26th. (This includes year-long courses.)
    • For courses that begin in January, exam registration and ordering will end on March 1st.


    I transferred to DHS from another school/school system/state. What do I need to do to register or move my exam registration to DHS? 

    • Visit (room 2008) or email Mrs. Tallant (htallant@forsyth.k12.ga.us) ASAP to discuss the registration process. Late exam ordering fees may not apply. 


    Does the State of Georgia pay for one STEM exam per student? 

    • The State of Georgia will pay for the cost of one STEM exam (AP Comp Sci A, AP Comp Sci Prin, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Stats, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Enviro Sci, AP Physics I, II, B, C) for students enrolled in the course in either a face-to-face class or an online class. 
    • When STEM students register on Total Registration they will be asked if they are taking at least one STEM exam. This is called a “special waiver.”
      • Once a student has indicated they are taking a STEM exam, their registration is paused until we verify this information. Once we have verified the information, TR does NOT notify the student that they may now proceed with registration and make payment. Students need to go back into their TR accounts within 48 hours of initial registration to check on the status of their registration and make payment. 


    For questions regarding 2022 Exam Dates and Fees, click here.


    Whom do I contact with questions about AP exam registration and ordering?