• Meal Account Balance Options

    Funds remaining in student accounts at the end of the school year will stay in their account and automatically rollover to their assigned school for the next academic year. There are 3 options for moving funds or balances from student accounts:

    1. They can be donated to the School Nutrition Program to help cover outstanding meal charges (often for elem. students)
    2.  They can be transferred to a sibling or other student's account
    3.  They can be refunded via a check mailed home
    Any movement of funds on a child's account must be made in writing Print form here to provide information to process a donation, transfer or refund request. All seniors and those moving out of the district should complete and return this form.
    Returned Check Procedure

    The Forsyth County School District has entered into a contract with an outside company to collect checks that are returned unpaid.  This company will attempt to collect a check electronically if it is returned by your bank for any reason. 

    If your check is returned unpaid, the face amount plus an additional fee authorized by the State of Georgia will be collected by the company electronically from your account when the money is available. 
    If you write a check to us, you are consenting to allow the contracted company to electronically collect the face amount and additional fee if funds are not available to cover the check upon initial deposit to our account.


    This Institution is an equal opportunity Provider.