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    Summer Counseling Office Hours

  • Counseling Team 

    Amy Short
    Amy Short, Head Counselor                            
    last names T - Z                                            
    ext. 100622                                                    
    Courtney Johnson, Counselor             
    last names A - DE
    ext. 100630
    Aaron Pileggi, Counselor
    last names DF - KA
    ext. 100628
    Michele Vargas, Counselor
    last names KB - O
    ext. 100626
    Shari Frankel, Counselor
    last names P -S
    ext. 100625
    Mallamace  Jeter
    Lynn & Jeter Mallamace, College and Career Center
    ext. 100653
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  • Mission 

    The mission of the South Forsyth High School Counseling Department is to assist students in obtaining knowledge, to aid them in developing problem-solving and life skills, and to provide them with opportunities so they graduate with the tools needed to succeed in higher education, in the workforce, and in a fast-paced, global world. Using system-wide interventions, SFHS Counselors advocate for all students by removing barriers to success and by empowering students to become responsible and culturally competent citizens who positively impact school climate. The counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, students, and the community to develop data-driven programs to address academic, personal/social, and career development for all members of the student body in a 21st century learning environment.

    Forsyth County Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or gender in employment decisions or educational programs and activities.