Mrs. Chambers



    What is dance club vibe?
    Lakeside Middle Schoolers can dance together for fun & fitness.  We will be using the GA DANCE performance standards for middle school as our basis for our dance practices.  Dancers can expect to learn through connecting, creating, responding, and performing for each other.   Each dancer will have a journal for reflections on topics, such as goals, body awareness, flexibility, technique, and team etiquette.  We will move and groove to music selected for its upbeat positivity, including multi-cultural dances and various styles.  For our first season together, we will be building our dance team and creating our choreography. 


    How will we connect?
    This club is open to 6th and 7th graders during FLEXTIME. So be on the lookout for this when signing up for FLEX TIME.



Last Modified on August 3, 2021