• Brandywine's Therapy Dog… Aubie!


    Aubie, The Dog who CAN

    Help Children Overcome Challenges

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     What’s the benefit of a therapy dog at school?

    • Brain Research shows that animals have astounding effects on children (& adults).
    • Presence of a pet significantly lowers anxiety and it helps children to manage emotions.
    • A dog’s love is unconditional and accepting of all


    What role does a therapy dog play for a school?

    Classroom Canine – Their very presence will have a calming effect on the children. Research studies have concluded that having a dog in a school classroom can have many positive benefits – these include help to calm children down, improve academic achievement, motivate those children who are often not that attentive, teach responsibility and encourage children to respect all life.


    Listening Canine - These dogs will be incredibly calm and happy to have an individual child read to them or join a group of children in the library whilst they are having a book reading session. Dogs give unconditional acceptance, as they are non-judgmental, which is especially crucial to struggling, emerging readers. The listening canines also provide confidence to children as they do not make fun of them when they read, but above all they make amazing listeners, providing the children with a sense of comfort and love. These dogs have proved through research that children who read to these dogs show an increase in reading levels, word recognition, a higher desire to read and write, and an increase in intra and interpersonal skills among the children they interact with.


    Reward Canine- These dogs will be gentle and loving, but at the same time full of fun and enjoyment for the children. Those children who have performed incredibly well during the week or those who have made progress in a certain subject, or those who have achieved tasks set for them, will be rewarded with spending time during lunch or break to interact with these dogs.    


    Therapy Canine- These dogs will work with children on a one-one basis and will especially help those children who have been bullied, abused, going through upsetting/difficult times or even scared/phobic of dogs. These dogs will bring much joy and help to all the children they meet and are happy to provide plenty of hugs to the children they are spending time with. Children who struggle with social interaction can find a reassuring friend in a canine therapy dog.