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  • Steps to Participate for 20-21 School Year

    Once you have read through the information provided in the "Presentations" and "Information" sections and have decided Dual Enrollment is right for you...

    1. Read through University System of Georgia Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirements to see which school would be the best fit for you. 
    2. Take the SAT/ACT and/or ACCUPLACER exam.
      • Colleges have different testing requirements and/or deadlines, so you will need to refer to their website for their requirments.
    3. Apply to the school.
    4. Send your SAT/ACT test scores (if needed) to the school.
    5. Send your SFHS transcript to the school.
    6. During this process, contact the counseling secretary, Mrs. Shirley McKinzie, to set up an appointment with our Dual Enrollment Coordinator.
      • 770-781-2264 ext. 100621
    7. At your designated appointment day/time, students must bring a signed copy of the Dual Enrollment Student Participation Agreement (leave Part III and IV blank...they will be completed at the meeting)
    8. Students planning on taking Dual Enrollment courses must meet with our Dual Enrollment Coordinator and complete the Student Participation Agreement form NO LATER THAN APRIL 24, 2020.
    9. Set up a meeting to meet with your college advisor to register for classes. 
    10. Student must log on to www.gafutures.org and complete the online Dual Enrollment Funding Application. Students are required to complete the online Dual Enrollment Funding Application EVERY semester they participate.
    11. Bring a copy of your college schedule to our Dual Enrollment Coordinator as soon as you have it. Student’s SFHS schedules cannot be altered and funding cannot be approved without the college schedule.
    12. Student are responsible for staying apprise of pertinent school information through our website and/or other means.
    13. Students are expected to maintain contact with our Dual Enrollment Coordinator during the semester and must acquire approval before dropping classes, withdrawing from classes, changing classes, or discontinuing the dual enrollment program.
    14. Once the college class is complete, students are responsible for requesting transcripts from the college and sending them to South Forsyth High School.