• Debate


    Please help me in extending congratulations to the following debaters who placed in Saturday’s competition!


    JV DIVISION (Out of 51 debaters and 26 teams)

    Speaker Awards

    1st Place - Rishitha Muppavarapu

    6th Place – Ananya Putta

    8th Place - Trisha Vemulapalli

    13th Place - Krisha Gelli


    Team Awards:

    1st Place - Krisha Gelli and Trisha Vemulapalli

    2nd Place - Ananya Putta and Rishitha Muppavarapu

    17th Place - Pranavi Suthari and Aneesha Rayalla


    NOVICE DIVISION (Out of 104 debaters and 52 teams)

    Speaker Awards:

    1st - Sadana Gangaraj

    5th - Sumera Anjum

    8th - Prarthana Kanagarj

    9th - Aariv Gupta

    10th - Samhitha Kovi

    15th - Jack Bruey

    19th - Sejal Rangrej


    Team Awards:

    1st Place - Sadana Gangaraj and Sejal Rangrej

    3rd Place - Sumera Anjum and Induhasini Muppavarapu

    4th Place - Samhitha Kovi and Mahi Dsouza

    9th Place - Davis Rosser and Jack Bruey



    Last Saturday October 5th, our students competed against 10 other middle schools from the Atlanta area.  Please help me in congratulating the following students:


    As a school SFMS was awarded the 2nd place Sweepstakes Award.


    The following students took home medals in the following categories:


    JV Individual Speaker Award:

    1st place – Ananya Putta

    9th place – Krisha Gelli

    11th place – Trisha Vemulapalli

    13th place – Rishitha Muppavarapu


    JV Team Award

    1st place – Ananya Puttan and Rishitha Muppavarapu

    5th place Krisha Gelli and Trisha Vemulapalli

    12th place Arushi Mishra and Rashi Modey


    Novice Individual Speaker Award:

    6th place – Susritha Daka

    8th place – Sadana Gangaraj

    10th place Shagoon Sarda

    12th place – Siri Vutukuri

    13th place – Sudhiksha Gummadavali

    15th place – Jack Bruey


    Novice Team Award:

    3rd place – Shagoon Sarda and Siri Vutukuri

    6th place – Sejan Rangrej and Sadana Gangaraj

    10th place – Sanvi Sadangi and Arpita Jagga