• Online Application Window

                            Opens: October 18, 2021

                            Closes: November 19, 2021

                            Acceptance Notification Begins: December 22, 2021

    Late Applications are not accepted. If students are undecided on whether or not to submit during the application window, they should go ahead and apply to Central Film Academy, as once the window is closed, no further applications are accepted.

    Should a student be accepted, they may rescind the acceptance at a later date; however, they may not apply after the application window closes.

    About the Application Process

    The Central Film Academy is a four-year comprehensive program, which fosters a student-centered learning community, with a culture of creative development, hands on learning, and organized processing.

    The integration of academic disciplines, combined with the CFA Acting or Directing pathways, allow students to develop transferable skill sets, aimed at maximizing not only a student’s creative and adaptive skills, but also skills in communication, collaboration, service, and leadership. The Central Film Academy at Forsyth Central is a dynamic and growing collective of highly trained students looking to share their creativity and diligence through rigorous coursework and product development.

    Students are selected, much like a college application process, by a team of reviewers who evaluate applicants based on creativity, work habits, interest in film related subjects, and a video submission. This is a competitive admissions process and each year the number of highly qualified applicants will increased.

    Prospective Students

    • Applicants must be in the eighth grade and a full-time resident of Forsyth County 
    • Out of district applicants must fill out an out of district form for Forsyth Central
    • Since it is a 4-year program, students may only enter the Central Film Academy in 9th grade.
    • Applicants must have taken at least one fine arts class in middle school to apply.


    Central Film Academy Application

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