• SAT- College Admissions Testing Information

    As you and your child get ready for college, be sure they register for the SAT®!

    The SAT gives your child a chance to show how ready they are with questions that look a lot like what they’re learning in class. The SAT:

    • Focuses on vocabulary and math they're already learning in class and that they'll need to succeed in college.
    • Doesn’t penalize for guessing—your child is free to try every question.
    • Offers an optional essay.

    The SAT is the only test that offers free practice on Khan Academy®. Your child can work at their own pace on the areas they need to improve. It’s a completely personalized way to get ready. And it’s completely free.

    Seniors should take or retake the SAT. Historically, two out of three students improve their SAT scores the second time they take the test. Juniors should take the SAT this spring. The SAT offers several opportunities for your child to put their best score forward.

    To learn more about the SAT and about getting ready for college, we invite students and their families to visit the College Board website Collegeboard SAT information

    or your student's base school website.


    ACT- Why Take the ACT?

    The ACT is accepted by all US colleges and universities, has an optional writing test, is the nation’s most-taken college entrance exam, includes an educational and career planning component, and provides four free score reports for each student.

    For more information on the test,including how to register, please refer to the ACT website College Admissions Information ACT.


    More Information-  Why Take the ACT?