• National Art Honor Society

  • This club's purpose is to promote an appreciation for the visual arts across the student body and within the community while bringing together students who share common passions and interests for a sense of belonging and communal identity as citizens of the arts.

    • To insure and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability in art
    • To foster excellence and dedication of spirit to the pursuit of art
    • To develop the abilities and talents of its society members
    • To inspire greater numbers of student enrollment in art courses among the student body
    • To assist all members in their effort to attain their highest potential in art
    • To engage with the school and community through art-based events, activities, and exhibitions

    Academic eligibility is defined as the maintenance of a 3.5 average GPA in art classes with a 3.0 or better cumulative average GPA overall. Any student with a final grade lower than C in more than 2 courses their Sophomore &/or Junior year, is not eligible for membership.


    Candidates meeting the established criteria of scholarship, service, and character are invited to become members. Students must complete one year of art, but need not be actively enrolled in an art course. Members must pay annual dues to cover cover chapter registration fees and other club costs. Each member must participate in 5 hours of service project per semester. All qualifying service projects hours must be related to the visual arts.


    Membership in National Art Honor Society is noted on the student’s records and special recognition is given at graduation provided that students remain in good standing until the date of graduation.


    Character is defined as the maintenance of ethical and moral standards including: honesty and integrity, responsibility and reliability, kindness and mentorship.

  • Meetings

    When: 3:45 - 4:30 p.m.

    Frequency: Every third Tuesday of the month (no meetings in December or May)

    Where: East Hall, Room 1502

Last Modified on November 21, 2019