• Technology and Media Collaboration

  • In the 21st century classroom, the roles of the instructional technology specialist and the media specialist are nearly interchangeable. Both provide assistance to teachers with the integration of technology and media, support curriculum development as it relates to instructional technology and digital and print media, and train teachers to use technology and media in the most appropriate and effective manner.

    The district vision is for all teachers and staff to use classroom technology to engage students in asking questions and choosing tools to facilitate real world problem solving. Our job is to help teachers find the most effective ways to do that, so that they can focus on their content areas.

    To the right are a list of services we provide to teachers regarding lesson collaboration.

  • Learn more about our PIC RAT model observation tool!

    PIC RAT Matrix

  • Coaching and Lesson Planning

    Our primary job in instruction - working with teachers to identify existing strengths of their lessons and classroom practice, and identifying what technology of strategies can be applied to bolster lessons that need improvement. This includes:

    • Brainstorming what technology tools could be added to a lesson;
    • Having the ITS make a classroom observation in order to begin discussion; or
    • A more robust instructional coaching session, where the teacher and the ITS look at the teacher's practice in the classroom and to work towards improvement.

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    Classes in Media Center

    We can accommodate up to three (3) classes at a time, dependent upon the activities they are engaged in. We have forty (40) Chromebooks, and thirty-five (35) touch-screen Chromebooks, for students to use for research, writing, and internet access.

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     Media or Technology Lessons

    We have a menu of lessons that we have delivered to classes in the past. You can either bring your classes here to the Media Center, or we can come to you.

    See our menu of presentations below, and click on the i in the upper left corner of each placard for more details; check back frequently for additions!

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Last Modified on July 19, 2023