• Sources of Strength

    at Lakeside Middle School


    2023-2024 will be our fifth year implementing Sources of Strength at Lakeside!


    Sources of Strength is a group of nominated Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors across grade levels whose goal is to positively influence peer social norms about help seeking and encourage students to individually assess and develop strengths in their life. This group of Peer Leaders mentored by Adult Advisors lead school-wide campaigns (e.g. Thankfulness Challenge, What Helps Me, Trusted Adults, You Belong, etc.) to help students identify and build their sources of strength.


    The “Wheel of Strength” (pictured below) is at the core of Sources messaging includes eight protective factors which are family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality, medical access, and mental health. The Sources of Strength’s preventative approach is peer led and focuses on spreading the message of “Hope, Help, and Strength” through student populations, schools, and community. Sources of Strength aims to build resiliency, increase connection between peer/peer and peer/adult, normalize help-seeking and developing healthy coping skills.


    2023-24 Peer Leader & Adult Advisor Meetings:

    Peer Leaders will meet twice a month during FlexTime starting in August. Peer Leader meetings will be by grade level to start for the year. 

    Meeting locations will rotate among Adult Advisors and will be listed on the FlexTime Manager app on the weeks of meeting dates. 


    6th Grade Peer Leaders will be nominated by teachers and participate in a training session in September and then start to meet twice a month.  


    2023-2024 Adult Advisors:

    6th Grade: V.Anders, Bayer, Ferrer, Finkelstein, Jodie Hall, Meyer, Morton, L.Ramsbottom, Sizemore, Slappy, Wilder

    7th Grade: Collins, Densmore, V.Kistler, Lloyd, Pennell, Pestorius, T.Ramsbottom, Ryan, Shamblin, S.Spera, Steiger, M.Stephen, K.Stephens, Young

    8th Grade: Burnell, Chunn, D'Arcangelo, N.Kistler, O'Malley, A.Muliero, M.Muliero, Spencer, K.Wilson, Woddail, S.Woods

    School Coordinator: Lipscomb




    You can more about Sources of Strength HERE


  • Lakeside's Sources of Strength

    Peer Leader Mission Statement

  • Kick off video for Sources of Strength 21 Day Thankfulness Challenge ⇓

  • Check out photos from our previous campaigns below!

Last Modified on August 31, 2023