• Teaching as a Profession


    Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? Are you currently in the mentorship or peer facilitator program? Do you want to learn more about the educational system? Do you want to make a significant, positive impact? Do you play a sport and want to be a coach?

    If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then we have a great pathway for you at Lambert.

    In the Teaching as a Profession Pathway, you will be an active participant in the learning process as you explore what it means to be an effective teacher, mentor and even coach!

    Course Offerings:

    (1) Examining the Teaching Profession (an introduction, pre-requisite to the teacher apprentice program): This course is designed to engage students in creative, rigorous, hands on activities while learning how to teach, mentor, coach and foster positive relationships. You will have opportunities to be out of the classroom observing other teachers at Lambert High School to get experience in the teaching field.

    (2) Contemporary Issues in Education: This course will take a look at all the issues surrounding education and use classroom discussions and debates to express our thoughts and opinions on the current education landscape.

    (3) Teaching as a Profession Practicum/Internship: This course is a mini-student teaching experience where you get to teach in classrooms at local elementary schools, while completing a college ready portfolio.

    Real-world experience

    Pathway completion

    Creative & innovative

    A whole lot of Fun

    Elective registration is now open until March 11 @4:00 pm.

    Please follow these directions to complete elective registration: https://tinyurl.com/portalinstructions

    Questions? Contact Stephany Tighe at stighe@forsyth.k12.ga.us


Last Modified on March 6, 2020