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    Mindfulness Pilot Course


    The Mindfulness Pilot Program is offered to four schools in the Forsyth County School system. In the fall, it is offered to Juniors at Forsyth Central High School as a daily elective as well as to 8th graders at Lakeside Middle School. During the Spring Semester, it is offered to Denmark High Juniors and Seniors as a daily elective and to 4th and 5th graders at Coal Mountain Elementary. This is a two-year program designed to measure the effectiveness of mindfulness as a daily class. This program is in collaboration and partnership with Georgia State University’s School of Public Health.

    The Mindfulness Pilot Class teaches students skills to help develop and improve their attention and focus as well as provide other cognitive, social and emotional benefits. The class includes different mindfulness techniques, exercises, and journaling. Learning and practicing mindfulness has been shown to benefit people of all ages, especially individuals needing help with attention, anxiety or emotional regulation.

    This semester-long class offers daily mindfulness instruction, practice and group discussions led by Ashley Baer, a certified Health & Wellness Coach. Ashley is an educator certified in Mindfulness with over seventeen years of experience working with both general and special education students. She is currently working as a Forsyth County Facilitator and Mindfulness Teacher.