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    Mindfulness Breathing Pilot


    The Mindful Breathing Pilot was in collaboration and partnership with Georgia State University’s School of Public Health. It was conducted in the 2019-20, and the 2020-21 school year at Forsyth Central, Denmark High, Lakeside Middle, and Coal Mountain Elementary. This was a two year program designed to measure the effectiveness and impact of daily mindfulness with students. Practicing Mindfulness has been shown to benefit people of all ages increasing their focus, attention and executive function skills while decreasing stress, and anxiety. The pilot was led by Ashley Baer, an educator and certified facilitator of mindfulness instruction. Ashley has been in education for almost two decades, and has experience working with general and special education students.

    Ashley provides Mindfulness training and presentations for teachers on how to use mindful strategies for self-care and stress management, and how to implement breath and movement to engage students, and increase focus and attention. 

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