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    Cultural wellness allows us to be in tune with our spiritual selves. This realm of wellness lets us find meaning in life events and define our individual purpose. Cultural wellness can include values, beliefs, sprituality, personal ethics, inclusion/valuing others, hope and celebration.  Regardless of whether you believe in a particular religious faith, there is always something to be learned about how you see yourself in the world.

    How we are Listening, Connecting and Mobilizing...

    FCS believes that to achieve quality learning and superior performance for all, we mist create a culture of belonging where differences, abilities and beliefs are respected adn celebrated. 

    What We Believe about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 

    • We must challenge ourselves to see through another’s lens. 
    • Respect and openness are vital. 
    • Diversity strengthens our relationships, schools and community. 
    • We have a responsibility to prepare and inspire our students, staff and others to be inclusive.
    •  All students and staff can lead and succeed given optimal resources and support. 

    For more information, please visit the Pubic Information & Communications Page:

    FCS Diversity Equity & Inclusion Initiative 

Collaborative Supports/Events for Students & Families

  • TWC Community Resources have been compiled to assist families in and around Forsyth County. Forsyth County Schools does not endorse or recommend any non-profit, business, mental health agency, or provider.  

    If you are unable to access information or have questions, please contact your child’s school counselor, nurse, social worker, or an administrator. To request additions, deletions, or changes contact the Student Support Department at 770-887-2461 ext. 202340 or knewman@forsyth.k12.ga.us