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    Intellectual wellness is the ability to gain and grow knowledge, critical thinking, and learning new skills/ideas to create potential for sharing with others and use it for betterment of community. There is nothing a healthy brain loves more than engaging in creative and stimulating activity to fuel the life-long learner!

     We can learn through a variety of experiences:

    • reading writing, sharing and exploration
    •  Observing what is around you
    •  Listening & Questioning
    •  Finding applications for material learned in the classroom
    •  Staying current with world affairs/news
    •  Exposing yourself to new experiences (e.g. arts, theater)
    •  Reading Books & Newspapers
    •  Staying interested in community activities
    •  Expand the knowledge of others

    FCS believes we are life long learners! When we strive for intellectual wellness, we are developing personal resources that work together with the other realms of development for a balanced life. Some of the ways we can achieve this are by learning:

    accountability, reliability, personal growth, good time management skills, setting goals, displaying effective decision making, and the value of knowledge and education.

  • Ways We Listen Connect Mobilize...

    • Local Schools use the PTA/PTOs to gain feedback from parents and usually have student advisory groups
    • FCS Teaching & Learning Department guides instructional framework, expectations, equity and leads continuing education for teachers so they too can learn and engage
    • Offering a variety of courses our Middle and High Schools help students get college and career ready
    • AdvancED District Accreditation and SWSS/IE2 Partnership Contracts
    • Academic Competitions and more
    • See Teaching & Learning Department for more information

    Collaborative Supports/Events...

    • Parent Trainings, Transition planning, true inclusive practices
    • GADOE Parent Satisfaction Survey
    • MTSS:  Parent/Community volunteers for tutoring
    • Metro RESA MTSS Consortium, GaDOE, SSTAGE
    • Special Olympics, Metro RESA, Vocational Rehabilitation, Dyslexia Network of Forsyth County, Georgia Council for Administrators of Special Education (GCASE), GADOE
    • Junior Achievement
    • Forsyth County Public Library Special Needs Fair
  • TWC Community Resources have been compiled to assist families in and around Forsyth County. Forsyth County Schools does not endorse or recommend any non-profit, business, mental health agency, or provider.  

    If you are unable to access services or have questions, please contact your child’s school counselor, nurse, social worker, or an administrator. To request additions, deletions, or changes contact the Student Support Department at 770-887-2461 ext. 202340 or knewman@forsyth.k12.ga.us