• Relational & Social Resources and Information


    TWC believes in connecting people by every means possible. We value open, honest communication with all stakeholders, and believe in positive working relationships with students, parents, employees, community members, business leaders, and the media. We believe that Forsyth County Schools is stronger when all stakeholders are well-informed and involved.

    Definition of Social Wellness  

    Social wellness refers to the relationships we have and how we interact with others. Our relationships can offer support during difficult times. Social wellness involves building healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you. Conscious actions are important in learning how to balance your social life with your academic and professional lives. Social wellness also includes balancing the unique needs of romantic relationships with other parts of your life.

    Why is Social Wellness Important?

    Maintaining an optimal level of social wellness allows you to build healthy relationships with others. Having a supportive social network allows you to develop assertive skills and become comfortable with who you are in social situations. Surrounding yourself with a positive social network increases your self-esteem. Social wellness enables you to create boundaries that encourage communication, trust and conflict management. Having good social wellness is critical to building emotional resilience.

    The Route to Social Wellness

    As you begin your route to social wellness, you will discover that you have the power to enhance your personal relationships. Maintaining social wellness allows you to practice empathy and active listening. There are many ways you can begin your journey on the route to social wellness. Below are some suggestions on how to enhance your social wellness.

    • Reflect on yourself and your social needs. What aspects of your social life do you enjoy? What parts would you like to improve?
    • Make an effort to keep in touch with supportive friends and family.
    • Practice self-disclosure.
    • Participate in group discussions and practice active listening.
    • Join a club or organization.


    Mentoring Programs

    Resource Phone #
    Boys Scouts of Northeast Georgia 706-693-2446
    Flood Student Community Missions 770-289-1834
    Forsyth County 4-H 770-887-2418
    Forsyth County Schools 770-887-2461
    Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta 770-702-9100
    Girls on The Run 678-845-8216
    Mentor Me North Georgia 678-341-8028
    Young Life 770-687-8122


    Special Needs/Disabilities/High Potentional Youth

    Resource Phone #
    Babies Can't-Wait 770-531-4053
    Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities 678-947-2818
    Forsyth County Special Olympics 770-887-2461
    Lekotek of Georgia 404-273-6139
    Vocational Rehabilitation Services 770-781-6781
    Easter Seals 404-943-1070

    The TWC Community Resource Guide has been compiled to assist families in and around Forsyth County. Forsyth County Schools does not endorse or recommend any non-profit, business, mental health agency, or provider.