• Welcome to DeSana Chorus! 

    If you are a rising 6th Grader and are interested in joining chorus, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!


    Here is a special message to all of our upcoming friends:

    Chorus will be one of your favorite classes because it's the only Connection at DeSana where you get to SING SING SING! We will learn all about how our voices work, how to sing with others, and how to read the notes on a page of music! With the friends you make in class, you will sing all kinds of songs for a variety of performances, both inside and outside of DeSana!  


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What do we learn in chorus?

    • You will learn all kinds of fun things! We'll explore how to read music (the dots and squiggly lines on the page), how our voices work, how to sing with others, and all sorts of great songs!

    What kind of performances will there be?

    • There are four major performances per year (one per quarter). We have a Fall Concert in October, a Winter/Holiday Concert in Decemember, a Spring Concert in May, and student will particpate in the state-sponsored Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) in March! These concerts are very enjoyable and are designed to show family and friends all of the awesome things we accomplish in class!

    Is there a cost for chorus?

    • Students and their family will be responsible for some cost each school year. (i.e. instrument rental, uniforms. festival entrances, bus fees, etc.). These costs will be communicated at the beginning of the school year.

    What kind of songs do we sing in 6th Grade Chorus?