What tests will my child take for determination of gifted eligibility? 


    FCS administers state approved tests for gifted eligibility. The tests administered adhere to the State of Georgia Board of Education Policy, 160-4-2-.38, having been reviewed for bias and are normed on a nationally representative sample with respect to race, religion, national origin, sex, disabilities, and economic background within a 10-year period prior to administration. In accordance with Professional Standards Commission Educator Code of Ethics assessment regulations, test security will be maintained among all levels of test administration. Test security measures include that other than the name of the evaluation instrument, further information will not be shared about gifted eligibility assessments with regard to form, section, or level.  


    Outside Test Data

    Any assessments approved by the GaDOE may be considered for gifted eligibility if the following applies:  less than 2 years old and administered by a certified school-based educator or a school-based psychologist.  Assessments administered by a private-practice psychologist can be considered as part of the body of evidence but cannot be a reported score in any of the 4 criteria areas for determining gifted eligibility.

    Likewise, assessments administered by a private-practice psychologist can be considered as part of the body of evidence for purposes of whole grade and/or content acceleration but cannot be a reported score used for final whole grade and/or content acceleration determination.

     Test Preparation

    Gifted eligibility assessments measure four different areas of a student’s abilities:  mental ability, achievement, motivation, and creativity. Only one of these areas, achievement, is the actual result of content learned and measured in the school setting.  The other three areas are typically innate abilities and traits that a student possesses at varying levels. If your child has been referred and you have been notified by the school that eligibility testing will take place, the best preparation available is to make sure your child gets a good night’s rest on the nights prior to testing and a good high-protein breakfast on the days of testing prior to coming to school.  You should also encourage perseverance but not to the point of inducing stress.

    Score Validity Period

    Gifted eligibility scores are valid and applicable for two full years after administration.  Students with valid scores will not be re-tested prior to the end of the validity period.