• 2020 Locker Clean-Out 


    Next week, we will provide you with the opportunity to pick up essential items left on campus and to clean out lockers where necessary.  This will also be the opportunity to turn in any textbooks or technology that you've borrowed from the school.  To ensure the safety of you and our staff who will be on campus during this time, we are asking you to follow some very specific protocol.  Please use the images below to view designated dates and times by last name.  In addition to reading through the attached information, it is extremely important to remember the following: 


    1. Students must take their temperatures before coming on campus. If they or anyone in the family are feeling ill, please stay home.  
    2. Students must wear masks at all times and adhere to the social distancing guidelines set forth for the duration of the visit. 
    3. Students must enter campus alone. Parents will drop off in the front of the school and pick up on either East or West Campus. Unless medically or physically necessary, students cannot have someone accompany them on campus. 
    4. Students will drop off any textbooks or technology that they borrowed from the school in the cafeteria upon arrival or in the media center after they retrieve items from lockers or classrooms. Students need to bring a bag to collect all materials to take home. 
    5. Please read all of the details below, watch "It's Friday in the C-House with Mr. Young" and review the map to understand how this process will work.  


    If you have any questions, please contact the front office for assistance.