Do you have a talent? Are you a DeSana Dragon? Are you awesome? If you answered yes, you need to be a part of DeSana's Got Talent 2020! 

    Here's how to submit your talent!

    Step 1: Figure out what you're going to do for your talent, practice it, and have it ready to record or pre-recorded!

    Step 2: Fill out this Google Form. You must fill this out to be included in the talent show!

    • Have your talent ready to record or upload - the form will ask you to do so at the end.

    Step 3: Follow the directions in the Google Form about how to record or upload your talent!


    If you have any questions at all, please contact Mr. Boyett on ItsLearning or over email (auboyett@forsyth.k12.ga.us)!

     Rules and Regulations

    1. All talents must be school appropriate! This includes music you play/sing, videos you use, and anything in the background!
    2. We want to see YOUR talent! It's fine it use your family as backup dancers, but YOUR talent is the main attraction!
    3. Be sure to follow social distancing guidelines, if applicable!

    What on earth is a talent?!

    A talent is a skill you have that shows off just how awesome you are and how hard you work! Your talent for #DGT2020 can be ANYTHING as long as you can record it on video, picture, or audio! Here are some idea for talents:

    Singing, Playing an instrument,Dancing, Stunts/Trick Shots (be safe!), Science Experiments (with supervision!), Gymnastics, Acting, Comedy, Drawing, Painting, Writing, Juggling, Acrobatics, Anything else you can thank of!